How do I attach my barcode luggage shipping labels?

Once you have printed your barcode luggage shipping labels, each piece of luggage will need to have the labels securely attached to them.

Each piece of luggage must have the following:​
One label placed inside your luggage (image 1)​
Two labels securely attached to the outside of your luggage (image 2)

Image 1
Image 2

It is important to securely attach your barcode luggage shipping labels. Here are a few quick and simple examples.

Example 1

Place each label in a clear plastic document filing wallet.Plastic These can be bought from numerous highstreet and online retailers such as Amazon, The Post Office, Rymans, Poundland etc.

Use strong tapeStrong Tape to stick the plastic document filing wallet to the outside of your luggage.

Please ensure the tape does not cover any writing or barcodes on the label (image 3).

We recommend you stick your labels on the sides of the luggage that you can make most secure.

Image 3

Example 2

Place each barcode luggage shipping label inside a robust shipping pouch that has a hole and can be linked to the handle of your luggage using a secure tie, string or ribbon.

All text and barcodes on the shipping label must be visible to the driver (image 4 – single sided, images 5a and 5b – double sided).

Attach the robust shipping pouch to the handles of your luggage using secure ties, string or ribbon (image 6).

If you would like us to post some robust reusable shipping pouches to you (time permitting) this can be done for a small fee. Please contact us for more information.

Image 4
Image 5a
Image 5b
Image 6


Please take a look at this video showing a few ways of attaching your barcode luggage shipping labels